Featured Book: And the Sun Still Shines, by Samia Sharif

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Dear Readers: Teen-author Samia Sharif provided the following information in order to introduce the readers of the Muslim Writers Club to her amazing debut collection of themed poetry. Please show your support to Muslim writers by reading their books and telling others about the ones you like.


And The Sun Still Shines


Samia Sharif


And The Sun Still Shines is a collection of poetry that is relatable to today’s current society and political situations.

This collection references many topics that need to be addressed. Each of the six parts serves a different purpose. So therefore if you are a person of colour, a marginalised voice, worried if black lives matter, scared that your government will change on you and ban you because of your religion, well, this collection is for you.

If you have recently had your heart broken, have suffered from depression and you have been waiting for someone to write about the importance of women, well, this collection is for you.

If your favourite thing to do in the evening is watch the moon in the sky or go for a long walk around the beauty of nature, this collection is for you.

And The Sun Still Shines takes readers through a journey of life, exploring issues that we are forced to live with daily. It explores the wilderness of our personal wonderlands as well as the reality of the current political states we live in. It teaches you to look beyond the meaning, because there is a further horizon waiting for you.


I began writing this collection of poetry in the late 2015; however, this was
not produced as a body of work until 2016 when I realised the talent growing inside of me. Growing up, I was not always the star student or the favourite child. I felt absent in many boundaries of my life, and when someone truly cared for me, I found myself latching on to that person, scared of the reality of being lonely.

Poetry, for me, is like my best friend. The words I write all originate from a moment in my life and have an aspect of truth behind them.

In school, I just about grasped 5 A-C’s. In sixth form, I just about grasped enough UCAS points to go to university. Nevertheless, I am now able to study something I love that wasn’t forced upon me. I study English literature because of the power behind the words we use.

I fell in love with reading and writing because they have both allowed me to escape to a new horizon. Not many people in my life take my writing seriously, but I believe we need to change that for our youth because writing is a gift, and it’s a chance to tell your story.

I don’t feel like there is enough representation of Muslim women in the publishing industry, and I feel that it is imperative that I play my part to change that.


And The Sun Still Shines is currently available on Amazon.com and will be available in Kindle format in the near future.


Samia Sharif is an 18 year old East London based poet, writer, and spoken word artist. She has founded her poetry event company (Uncage Your Mind Events), where she has had A-list poets and extraordinary storytellers perform.

Samia is currently studying English Literature at the University of Hertfordshire. When she’s not writing poetry, she’s reading books of all genres, young adult being her favourite. She reviews books
on her Instagram account @ssharifbooks and her blog ssharifbooks.wordpress.com.

Samia is also writing a young adult fantasy novel, which takes up much of her time. Her hobbies centre around the arts; however, she has a huge passion for nature and being able to see the world in another light, which is why in the summer of 2017, she is volunteering in Cambodia for three months.

TWITTER HANDLE: @ssharifbooks

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