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Did you know? You can make up to $1 per word or more writing for magazines. Get access to more than 115 high-paying publications today!

Dear Readers: If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you may have noticed that I am just slightly obsessed with making lists. Luckily for you, they are lists packed with information that can help you launch or sustain a viable freelance career. Continue reading for information on my latest e-book, which lists 101 high-paying publications for freelance writers!


The BIG BOOK of High-Paying Markets: 101 Publications Paying 50 Cents Per Word or More to Freelance Writers!


Amel S. Abdullah – founder of the Muslim Writers Club


The BIG BOOK of High-Paying Markets is a directory of high-paying markets (mostly print magazines and websites) that pay freelance writers at least 50 cents per word. More than 60 of these markets pay as much as $1 per word, while some even pay up to $2 per word or more.

Each market is neatly listed on its own page with direct links to writer guidelines and requirements. I also include a special code near the end of the book which allows you access to even more high-paying markets in a private on-line database I have created especially for those who purchase the e-book.


I wanted to give people resources that can help them earn a great income from freelance writing.

Freelance writers are frequently intimidated by high-paying markets, but the fact is that many of these markets (while not typically “beginner” markets) are highly approachable and pleasant to work with. If you look at the sample markets listed on my website, you will probably see a number of topics that you are qualified to write about.

Markets in this pay-range are ideal for people who have amassed clips in lower-paying markets and want to take their writing to the next level.

If you’re a skilled writer who understands the needs of the markets you approach and also have experience querying and interacting with editors in a professional manner, there is nothing to prevent you from getting your work published in a high-profile magazine.


The good-paying markets are out there, but you just need to track them down. This e-book helps you do that by keeping the focus on a specific range of rates while also saving you hours of research-time.




Amel Abdullah is an experienced freelance writer and former magazine editor who has written and translated more than 1,000 published articles.

TWITTER: @muslimauthors

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Amel is an experienced freelance writer, editor, and Arabic to English translator. She started the Muslim Writers Club as a means of sharing useful information about the art (and business) of writing.
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Take Your Writing to the Next Level!

While some writers make a dollar per article writing for content mills, others make a dollar per word writing for high-end magazines and other publications. A thousand bucks for a thousand words is a reality for many writers, and it can be your reality, too. The BIG BOOK of High-Paying Markets, a new Kindle e-book by Amel S. Abdullah, will show you how.
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