Featured Book: Tried & Tested, by Umm Juwayriyah

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Dear Readers: Urban fiction writer Umm Juwayriyah (author of The Size of a Mustard Seed) provided the following information in order to introduce the readers of the Muslim Writers Club to her latest novel. Please show your support to Muslim writers by reading their books and telling others about the ones you like.


Tried & Tested


Umm Juwayriyah (Maryam A. Sullivan)



From bestselling author, Umm Juwayriyah, comes a new urban Islamic fiction novel about one American Muslim woman’s personal journey through abuse, addiction, family discord, and finding the courage to renew her faith in Allah.

A teenage Iman Johnson left home over a decade ago to follow behind a street loving hustler who promised her the world. When that world became too much for her to endure, mentally and physically, she found herself back in Pittsburgh, PA at her Muslim mother’s doorstep seeking refuge. But will the Muslim family and community that she’d turned her back on years ago be ready to finally accept her or has too much time, emotions, hurt, and secrets built up between them to overcome? Iman will have to find the strength to face her past and relearn the basics if she ever hopes to find the sweetness of faith Allah promises…

Tried & Tested casts an intimate look into the lives of millions of indigenous Muslim American families and the hardships and blessings that bind them together against the odds. Umm Juwayriyah’s unique voice and undeniable characters will not disappoint you.


I wrote the book to address many of the issues that Muslims struggle with such as depression, family discord, incarceration, domestic violence, and mental health disorders. I believe that representation matters to us all. It is important for Muslims to be able to pick up a book and read about characters with similar goals and struggles as their own. But it is also important for Muslims to find narratives that will make them laugh, cry, hope, dream, and help them to discover new ideas and learn about different perspectives. Enshallah, I hope Tried & Tested will do those things for my readers.


Where ever books are sold (including Amazon.com) when it is released this spring. In the continental United States, please also consider requesting the book at your local libraries as well.


Maryam A. Sullivan, also known as Umm Juwayriyah, is an  American Muslimah born and raised in Springfield, MA. She has written three books, including the critically acclaimed first urban Islamic fiction novel, The Size of a Mustard Seed and Hind’s Hands – A Story About Autism, the first English Islamic children’s story about the Muslim Special Needs community. Umm Juwayriyah is also the founder of #MuslimGirlsRead, a literacy initiative to support Muslim girls. Umm Juwayriyah holds a Master’s degree with honors from Regis University.

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