FEBRUARY 2018 – Share Your Goals, Accomplishments & Published Work!

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Dear Readers,

At the start of each month, I’m creating a post for you to share your latest projects, goals, challenges, and accomplishments. I hope you will participate by leaving comments and sharing any relevant links!

Some of you may have noticed that I skipped this exercise in January.

That’s because December and January both flew by before I could even get my thoughts together (although I did manage to post several new member profiles, some new Muslim-authored books, and a couple of writing-related articles from readers).

(Edit: Oops! I almost forgot all of the new writing jobs, contests, and freelance markets I posted as well – check them out!)

News Flash: Winter is cold!

My daughter was kind enough to gift me with an awesome pair of fingerless gloves so that I could keep my hands warm while typing. They are similar to these ones from Amazon.com and serve a double-purpose in that they also look nice under the jilbab outergarment when going out (image from Amazon):

As you might imagine, the poofy part can get in the way of the keyboard, so I sometimes push that part up while typing and just use them as arm-warmers.

Browsing Amazon, I saw similar gloves without the fur component (image from Amazon):

I’m thinking that these might be more practical for typing.

In the past, I have used gloves that looked more like this:

I don’t know about the specific pair pictured above, but in my experience, the fingers actually become colder with this type of glove, especially if the fingers get too constricted.

Another good way to keep the hands warm is by gripping a mug filled with hot tea or coffee (especially if it’s a funny grammar-themed mug like this one):

What about you? How do you stay warm while writing? Do you dress like you’re ready to combat an impending snowstorm (that would be me on some days), or do you rely on a heater? Or do you avoid the problem altogether by living in a warm climate?

Joking aside, winter can be very uncomfortable when your home is cold, and you don’t have the right clothing to keep you warm. I faced this situation several years ago when I moved to a new area and found myself utterly unprepared for the cold weather.

Imagine if you didn’t have a home in the first place. This is the situation of many refugees from Syria – even those who finally make it to camps (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey become extremely cold during the winter). But even developed countries like the US and Canada have large numbers of underprivileged people in need of assistance.

Winter is a good time to donate blankets, heaters, jackets, gloves, hats, socks, and other warm clothing to those who need it. Keep your eyes open in your communities. There are many opportunities to help.

Now, back to our topic. What have you been working on lately?

Tell us about it by leaving a comment – and don’t forget to share the story of your name for publication in our Muslim Name Anthology. The deadline for this project has passed – but we are still accepting submissions. 

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  1. Salaam,

    I recently released a new children’s book, ‘Wali’s World Tour’. It’s about a family that travels the world and learns fun facts along the way. I hope it will instill in kids a greater appreciation for the world and its diversity.


    I was also interviewed on the Reading With Your Kids podcast about my first children’s book, ‘Bilal and the Big Bully’. It deals with diversity, bullying, and respect, while also touching on bullying from the bully’s perspective.


  2. Assalamu alaikum everyone 🙂


    Alhamdulillah it has been a month of knowledge, I have learned so much about my own voice as a writer and where I want to take my writing career. I began this journey in September and looking back, I have to shake my head at my first blog lol I tried, but SEO was not something I understood yet! Not to mention it sounded like an essay, boring.

    I recall starting out saying I wanted to write in mental health (my degree and experience) I also wanted to write from an Islamic perspective, many people told me to be a medical writer and not to niche myself. (I disagree, niche yourself, become a specialist not a generalist) I was unsure how to label myself and market myself, I had a million questions and decided to jump in head first. Only way to learn right?

    One of my shining moments recently was this article, https://muslimmatters.org/2018/01/10/in-the-age-of-islamophobia-why-reverts-are-leaving-islam/

    I was not paid to write that, MM is volunteer based, yet that guest post brought so many to my website alhamdulillah. I received so many emails from reverts and born muslims telling me their unique struggles with isolation and living in the west. One of the comments that really touched me, a revert Sister said “this is not from your heart, this is from our hearts”

    Subhanallah I learned a lesson from that article, even born Muslims face push-back from family sometimes when the family is not very practicing and that person is striving to be more on their deen. Some born Muslims also identify as a revert due to growing up as a “cultural Muslim” until their adulthood when they truly sought out faith.

    I also got a new client from that article and I am  excited to work with them. 🙂

    I have so many ideas for my writing career, but I still work fulltime at the psychiatric hospital so I take small steps forward so I don’t overload. Inshallah one day I can leave the hospital and go hard on my writing and community involvement.


    • Thank you for sharing, Monique. I enjoyed your article on Muslim Matters, and it is wonderful that you acquired a new client through your efforts.

      I have only had one client (whom I can recall) ask me to use SEO keywords for their blog. My approach to this was to write the articles as I would normally, then take a look at the list they provided me with at the end. I then looked for ways I could insert the SEO words and phrases naturally.

      I have developed a few niches over the years without really intending to. This is mostly thanks to various clients guiding me into work I hadn’t previously considered. Life takes you down different paths, and it is good to be flexible.

      Amel – MWC Admin

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