JOBS – 2016

This page lists jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities of interest to Muslim writers, editors, and other creative professionals (including photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators).

NOTE: All of the jobs below were posted in 2016. For more current jobs, see our main JOBS PAGE.

Please note that we cannot vouch for any company or entity on this list. It is important to research a company thoroughly before entering into a work arrangement.

For additional freelance opportunities, see this page. To post a job, fill out the form on our Hire A Writer page.

October 24, 2016 Designer for Arabic calligraphy designs Blind Ad 
October 24, 2016 Writer for About Page for Islamic clothing site Blind Ad 
October 24, 2016 Writer for Muslim web magazine Blind Ad
October 24, 2016 Writing Tutor for college student. Topic: “How 9/11 affected American Muslims psychologically.” Student in Salt Lake City, Utah 
October 24, 2016 Graphic Designer Guidance Financial Group
October 24, 2016 Executive Editor Islami Publication Organization
October 9, 2016 Writer for Islamic e-book of 20,000 words Blind Ad
October 9, 2016 Researcher/Writer to write about finance topics for Islamic non-profit organization Blind Ad
October 9, 2016 Writer to create lecture notes for Islamic complementary medicine course Blind Ad
October 9, 2016 Transcriber for video lectures on Islamic complementary medicine Blind Ad
October 9, 2016 Arabic to Urdu translator for Islamic topics Blind Ad
October 9, 2016 Writer to create professional workshop on Islamic topic Blind Ad
September 24, 2016 Online Marketing, Media Relations, and Special Event Planning Internship (Unpaid) Academy of Muslim Achievement Organization
September 24, 2016 Research and Analysis Associate – Requires “superb” writing skills ReThink Media
September 24, 2016 Remote Graphic Design & Multimedia Internship (unpaid) Soliya
September 24, 2016 Remote Technical Writing Internship (unpaid) Soliya
September 18, 2016 Sales Associate for Muslim run bookstore Daybreak Press
September 17, 2016 Grants Manager / Writer Inner-City Muslim Action Network
September 17, 2016 Civil Rights Intern – Requires strong legal research and writing skills CAIR-NY
September 17, 2016 Journalism / Writing Intern WNY Muslims
September 17, 2016 Digital Organizer with excellent writing skills Muslim Advocates
August 27, 2016 UK-based Journalist / Researcher to cover Muslim sector Blind Ad
August 27, 2016 Social Media Manager for Indonesian clothing line Siti Maryam
August 27, 2016 Manga Illustrators for children’s stories Blind Ad
August 27, 2016 Writer to cover Islamic topics like prayer, pilgrimage, etc. Blind Ad
August 27, 2016 Writer for regular articles on Muslim women and/or women’s rights Blind Ad
August 27, 2016 Social Media Coordinator (Volunteer) Rayyan Institute
August 24, 2016 Deputy Director – Requires grant writing and reporting experience Arab American Association of New York
August 19, 2016 Content Development Manager – requires strong writing and editing skills as well as knowledge of interfaith issues Islamic Networks Group
August 3, 2016 Managing Editor for Muslim newspaper The Arizona Muslim Voice
July 30, 2016 Content Writer for Islamic marketing content Blind Ad
July 30, 2016 Salesperson to win contracts with Muslim publishers Ilm Islamic E-Publishing
July 30, 2016 Manual Tester for Islamic ecommerce website – requires the ability to write well Blind Ad
July 30, 2016 Content Writer for halal travel website
July 30, 2016 Sales/Marketing Expert to help launch Muslim-authored books Niyah Press
July 30, 2016 UK Journalist/Researcher for project in Muslim sector Blind Ad
July 18, 2016 Islamic Content Writer to write content related to the Holy Quran and relevant Islamic subjects
July 16, 2016 Virtual Intern – duties include writing, editing, research, and social media
July 16, 2016 Ghost writers for Islamic e-book series Blind Ad
July 16, 2016 Graphic designer to create logo for fashion brand (one-time project) Blind Ad
July 16, 2016 Writer familiar with the UK to write Islamic lifestyle articles Blind Ad
July 16, 2016 Translator to translate Islamic content from Arabic into Korean Blind Ad
July 16, 2016 Researcher to compile information about religious tourism in Makkah Blind Ad
July 16, 2016 Content writer for Islamic wedding blog Blind Ad
July 16, 2016 Researcher and writer to build a database of questions and answers on Muslims and Islamic facts Blind Ad
July 16, 2016 Writer for Muslim Children – On-going project Blind Ad
July 15, 2016 Graphic designer for one-time project for NGO providing medical treatment to Syrian refugee children INARA
July 15, 2016 Volunteer to review Spanish-language Islamic books Noorart
July 14, 2016 Research Specialist for ongoing research projects focused on American Muslim health and Islamic bioethics. Duties include grant writing and website development (full-time) University of Chicago
July 14, 2016 Digital Media Assistant who can write, edit, and perform other duties Connecting Cultures
July 12, 2016 Events & Marketing Coordinator for the Young Muslim Writers Awards – duties include writing, editing, and developing social media presence Muslim Hands UK
 July 11, 2016 Bilingual Teachers to review new and existing Arabic curriculums (part-time) Noorart
July 11, 2016 Editors to review and edit new and existing Islamic or Arabic curriculums (full- or part-time) Noorart
July 11, 2016 Publishing Manager to supervise publishing projects (full-time) Noorart
July 11, 2016 Shariah Index Project Intern – involves research, writing, editing, and general administrative duties Cordoba Initiative
July 11, 2016 Media and Communications Intern – The ideal candidate would be enrolled in a journalism program or have experience in the field of journalism Cordoba Initiative
July 11, 2016 Grants Coordinator – 2 to 3 years of successful experience in grant writing required Inner-City Muslim Action Network
July 11, 2016 Videographer/Photographer to document projects in Turkey and other countries (opens as PDF)  Zakat Foundation of America
July 11, 2016 Content Writer to create and edit content for website (part-time) Cordoba House
July 11, 2016 Grant Writer to develop and write grant proposals to federal, state, and private organizations and foundations Ta’leef Collective
July 11, 2016 Social Media Coordinator to develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic, and create relevant content (opens as PDF) Ta’leef Collective
July 11, 2016 Communications Director – Requires excellent written and verbal communication skills, including strong editing skills (full-time) Islamic Networks Group
July 11, 2016 Graphic Design Intern to draft web and print graphics for civil rights organization Council on American Islamic Relations – Washington State