Nasheed: Kun Anta (Be Yourself), by Humood Alkhudher

Although I have several favorite nasheeds of my own, I was wondering recently what is currently popular amongst Muslim teens. We asked some kids in Jordan what they are listening to these days, and they all mentioned Kun Anta, by Humood Alkhudher (see below video, which includes English-language subtitles).

We’re not surprised by this choice. Not only is the tune catchy, but the message is also a positive one: Be Yourself.

On his Facebook page, Humood, who is originally from Kuwait, but spent most of his childhood in Great Britain, once said the following:

I would lie if I said that fame was never in my mind, but it was never a primary goal for me. I believe that the greater the fame that you earn in this life, the greater the responsibility that comes with it. I believe that it’s my duty to express and defend my religion, country, and society. I believe that Allah will ask me on the Day of Judgment how I used the tools he has provided me with; and I’m working hard to be able to provide an honorable answer for that day. That’s why I spread the words of peace, love, morality, and Islamic spirituality in all my songs and performances.

Do you ever listen to nasheeds? Tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment…and don’t forget to mention the country you are living in. We might feature your choice in a future post!


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