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NAME: Bint Asif


My Blog


Assalam O Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!

I’d like to introduce myself as a female slave of ALLAH AZZA Wa JALL acquiring the knowledge of Deen at IOU (Islamic Online University) and at some other Islamic institutes.

Lately, after Graduating (with Psychology, Sociology and Education as major subjects), I was blessed to focus my attention on studying a newly emerging field known as Islamic Psychology.

Since then, in the light of my newly found field of interest, I have decided to write articles and poetry with an Islamic perspective. Some of the articles I have written previously (for blogs mainly) were on personality development, the hindrances coming in its way, and about rediscovering already existing Islamic solutions to those. And the poetry I have been working on lately has mainly been about finding motivation to live as a servant of ALLAH SUBHANAHU Wa TA’ALA each day.


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