Q&A: Can Muslims Do Freelancing? (Hint: Yes, we can!)

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Dear Readers: Can Muslims do freelancing? This is a question that came from a Google search leading to this site. Similar inquiries often lead curious visitors here, so let’s discuss this important issue.

Many of us are already freelancers and thus (I assume) believe it is halal (permissible in Islam) to do this type of work. Is there anything you can think of that would make freelancing haram (prohibited) for a Muslim?

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  1. Freelancing in writing is halal, but maybe the content that you are writing might pose a problem. For example, completing other students’ assignments. As an academician myself, I feel that it is not right to pass up an assignment and claim it as your work when it is not. I had been offered few times with very high payment because of my position but I just could not bring myself to doing it. However, I do respect the opinion from others on this matter and would not simply point my finger at anybody correcting what they are doing. 🙂

    • Salam Sister,

      Thank you for bringing this up – and good for you for not helping students cheat. I definitely believe it is haram to write a student’s paper or do their homework assignments for them.

      I once edited the doctoral dissertation of a woman who was getting her PhD in linguistics. Before I started the job (which was a long one, spanning a period of 2 or 3 years), I reviewed the guidelines from her university regarding the type of “help” candidates were allowed to receive with their work.

      Editing for grammar and clarity was considered acceptable, especially for those whose first language was not English. I also advised her regarding any weak points in her logic and writing so that she could revise where necessary. She was also allowed to hire me to perform small tasks like transcription and translation of excerpts of texts she was using in her research.

      I was careful, however, not to write any of the material for her or cross any of the boundaries established by her university. These boundaries may vary according to the specific institution and should be respected by those engaged in serious research and work.

      As Muslims, we must remain ethical and not contribute to a culture of cheating and fraud in academia. It is intellectually dishonest to classify “assignments” that involve cheating as freelance work.

      Amel – MWC Admin
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