Q&A: Marriage & Valid Reasons for Divorce

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Dear Readers: The following question was submitted by Jami Sinclair, who is writing a book with a Muslim character and would like input from the Muslim community on whether her portrayals of Islam are accurate. Besides her questions, which I will be posting as they come up, Jami is also seeking sensitivity readers for her manuscript. Please help out if you can.


In an earlier question, I mentioned that Jasmine Siddiqi’s mother is married to a Christian man. I received a few messages that this was an unlikely scenario in modern America, if the mother was a practicing Muslim. If the man had converted to Islam, would the marriage be acceptable?

Which leads to a plot point. The husband and wife are pretending to have divorced (to allow them to look like they are no longer allies and allow the mother to go undercover). That is why Jasmine uses her mother’s last name.

Even though they are truly still married in secret, what would be a valid reason for a divorce? (My internet searches gave me lots of information, but it was a tad confusing to me.) If the man stopped practicing Islam, would that give them a reason to divorce?

Thank you for all of your patience with my questions!

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  1. Yes, him leaving the religion would be a valid reason for a divorce. Honestly, any reason could be a valid reason. This is a children’s story. He could have run away, joined the circus, they argued a lot, he was lazy, etc.

  2. Thank you for your comments. It’s interesting, I thought this would be a thornier issue. But I think the swimming question might prove more contentious than this. Truly appreciate all of your help! Jami

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