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Question: I have a couple of questions.

1) How does one do freelance writing for organizations abroad and how does one get paid?
2) How to negotiate the fees?
3) How to get clients?
4) What topics are most captivating?
5) How to get sponsors to publish your books and articles?

Can you answer these questions? Please post your advice below.

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Amel is an experienced freelance writer, editor, and Arabic to English translator. She started the Muslim Writers Club as a means of sharing useful information about the art (and business) of writing.
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  1. As-salamu Alaykum, and thank you for submitting these questions. Each question represents a broad topic and has many potential answers…but I’ll offer a brief response to each one.

    1) How does one do freelance writing for organizations abroad and how does one get paid?

    First of all, we don’t know where “abroad” is from your perspective, but it doesn’t really matter unless the organization in question prefers to work with local talent and is not open to making exceptions. The beauty of freelance writing is that you can successfully work with clients all over the world provided that you understand their needs and are able to meet them.

    First, you identify clients who might be interested in your services and build a connection. If you decide that you would like to work together, you discuss the work expected of you, rates, and other topics which should be negotiated and agreed upon before you do any work.

    Think about which payment methods you are able to accept and which ones you are not able to accept. If you are outside of the United States, for example, it may be difficult for you to cash a check issued by a U.S. bank. On the flip side, maybe you want to get paid via Western Union, but the client you are working with only pays via PayPal. Avoid misunderstandings by discussing these issues in advance.

    2) How to negotiate the fees?

    Fees are negotiated in different ways. Sometimes the client has a proposed budget, which you are free to accept or reject, and sometimes you will be asked to state your fees for a particular project or type of work. When deciding upon a fee, you should consider the difficulty of the work and how long it will take you. If you have specific income goals in mind, it will be easier to set fees that make sense for your personal circumstances.

    3) How to get clients?

    There are many different ways to get clients. You can, for example, seek out clients by answering ads they have posted. You can also find clients by approaching businesses with your services and pitching them. You can sign up with agencies or freelance for magazines. Clients may also come to you via your website or social media profiles.

    4) What topics are most captivating?

    Find something of interest to you, and start there. There is a market for almost everything.

    5) How to get sponsors to publish your books and articles?

    I don’t know if “sponsors” is really the correct word here. You are actually seeking out publishers.

    Articles are typically published on websites – or in magazines, newspapers, and other publications. You just need to obtain guidelines for the publication or website and follow them.

    For books, seek out book publishers to query with your book ideas.

    Finally, continue to reach out and ask questions. Writing for pay can seem daunting at first, but things become easier once you gain some experience.

    I wish you well on your journey to publication.

    Amel – MWC Admin
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