Q&A: Want to Write about Mental Health

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Assalam Alaikum,

Are there Muslim blogs or websites available for mental health? I’d love to contribute dearly; share my experience(s) on dealing with depression et al.


Dear Readers: Can you answer this question? Please post your advice below.

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  1. As-salamu Alaykum, Zainab,

    There are many venues for writing about mental health. First, take a look at the 50+ freelance markets listed on this page of the website as well as the other markets listed here. Many of the magazines and websites cover health issues, women’s issues, and issues of general interest to Muslims – and it would be easy to approach most of them with a health topic. Health and mental health are relevant to all aspects of our lives, so you just need to find the right voice and slant for the publications you target.

    You may also wish to examine secular markets, such as this one I list on www.freelancemarketguides.com (our sister site). There are literally thousands of publications covering various aspects of mental health, and it is not necessary for these publications to be “mental health” publications.

    A pet magazine, for example, might enjoy an article about the comfort someone derives from their fish aquarium.

    A parenting magazine might want an article containing advice for mothers battling mental health issues.

    A travel magazine might want to know about the challenges of taking medications while traveling or other problems one might encounter.

    Keep your eyes open, and observe what people are writing about. Then approach similar publications with your own ideas.

    Note that some publications will accept personal essays while others may prefer articles that focus on the wider picture. Articles are often more attractive to publishers when they contain statistics and quotes from experts.

    Do you currently write about mental health? If not, you might want to start a blog showcasing your expertise.

    Sister Sakinah (a.k.a. the Muslim Hippie) writes about mental health, including a column for Patheos.com, and may have other suggestions for you (I will invite her to view this post).

    Also take a look at the following website and journals:

    Mental Health 4 Muslims – Guidelines

    Institute for Muslim Mental Health – Guidelines

    Journal of Muslim Mental Health – Guidelines

    Amel – MWC Admin
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  2. As salaamu alaykum. Yes, I write about mental health and faith, and I occasionally discuss family issues related to mental health. Let’s talk and maybe we can collaborate on a few articles/topics! Sakinah 😊

  3. Salam again,

    One thing to keep in mind when writing about mental health (or any other topic, really) is that many publications also appreciate a “current events” angle.

    This week, for example, we learned of the senseless and brutal killing of our Muslim sister, Nabra Hassenen (may Allah SWT grant her Jannah and ease the suffering of her family). As if this tragedy were not sickening enough, I was deeply disturbed to see and read a number of prominent voices in the wider American Muslim community condemning the other teens who were with Nabra (particularly the boys) for “leaving her behind” to get killed.

    This is unacceptable to me on many levels and requires immediate discussion from people who can tackle the issue in an intelligent way to educate us about concepts like survivor’s guilt.
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  4. Salaam
    Thank you for the suggestions. I would be sure to check them all out.
    I do have a blog but its not concentrated on mental health. My interest lies a bit on the personal level, I would say.
    Masha Allah, Sister Sakinah. I would love to!
    My email is zonuhyahaya@gmail.com. Do let’s talk.

  5. As-salamu Alaykum,

    Another Muslim-oriented mental health writing opportunity I came across:


    I should also mention that Sister Umm Zakiyyah has written several books of interest, including the following:

    Another of her books that is coming out soon, Insha’Allah, tells Sister Sakinah’s story of living with bipolar disorder.

    Amel – MWC Admin
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  6. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu. I currently work in behavioral health as a patient advocate, I used to be a mental health technician and my degree is in psychology/biology. I have a respectable 9-5, but I know in my heart I am done working for hospitals and I want to be home. I have been exploring possible avenues for this and recently been researching freelance writing, I am trying to nail down a niche and two things come to mind. One…behavioral health, I have experience in hospitals, education and first hand experience. Niche two, Islamic writing as well as Islamic Psych. I like both, I don’t know if it is better I stick to one or the other. I would love to do Islamic based topics, I would also like to do psych. I am brainstorming a bit still

  7. Thank you for sharing, Monique. I don’t know why I didn’t see your comment before.

    I have just posted another mental health writing opportunity on our job board. This one is for an audience of mental health professionals who care for American Muslims.

      • Dear Monique,

        That is simply outstanding, masha’Allah. I am always impressed by people who take the initiative to try something new. I think you have chosen a very flexible niche that will take you far, Insha’Allah. Please keep us updated on your progress.

        Amel – MWC Admin

          • I just seen this, scanning the job list and came over here. Actually, I got that gig and they paid my preferred rate (I don’t like to post it online for all to see, but I will say they pay well for blogs)


            I am really trying to push forward and grow my business, learning so much as I go.

            At this point, I am a mental health and Islamic Psychology writer. I am finding my passion is when I combine the two, but that is not always desired from the client so it depends. Like I just landed a regular blog on PsychCentral, but I need to generalize it and be more Spiritual Psychology although I get questions on that site about my conversion 🙂 They show a picture of me so it is obvious the writer is a Muslim woman. I don’t mind the questions they are good.

            Still developing.


  8. walaikum assalam zainab. Although depression may need counseling etc. but the EMBEDDED ARTICLE may help dealing with stress in general from an Islamic perspective in shaa Allah.

  9. Apologize, I did not see these earlier.

    I noticed the coloring pages on that link. At the hospital, we advocate for adult coloring as a stress reliever. Many excellent points were discussed.

    I love that you mention gratefulness, this is so important for Muslims and will change our perspective on situations. I always say, “change your perspective, change your heart.”

    “If you are grateful, I would certainly give to you more, and if you are ungrateful, My chastisement is truly severe.” Quran 14:7

    I have something on gratefulness if interested, http://aboutislam.net/family-society/self-development/gratefulness-impacts-happiness-psychological-take/

    I tried to make a hyperlink , but the page keeps resetting when I do? So I just posted the entire link 🙂

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