Q&A: Where Can I Get my Islamic Creed Book Published?

Question: I am a writer in Islamic Creed (Aqeedah) and i recently wrote a book in wich i explain the meaning of “Islam” according to Qur’an and Sunnah exclisively. i’m not writing to earn money, but i’m looking to publish it to try to spread the True Islamic Creed.

so please can you advise me by some publishers???. [The book] is in English and i’m achieving the Arabic version and next the French also.

Can you answer this question? Please post your advice below.

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  1. As-salamu  Alaykum,

    If you are not looking to earn money with your book, there are several options open to you, including the following:

    1. You can seek out a traditional publisher (we have listed several of interest to Muslims on this page).

    2. You can self-publish, which means creating your own book or e-book.

    3. You can publish the material on a website. This could be a website of your own or the website of an Islamic publication or entity interested in publishing your material. (See this page for a list of Muslim-run magazines and websites.)

    Whatever you do, it is important to have your work edited before publication – not just for grammar and flow, but also with regard to the content. A traditional publisher may be willing to invest in this for you, but only if it is something they are truly interested in publishing – so make sure that your work is in tip-top shape before submitting.

    Please feel free to write back with further queries.

    Amel – MWC Admin
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