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Question: I am based in India and I’m really keen on getting a couple of good writing gigs out here. Got any suggestions?

Can you answer this question? Please post your advice below.

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Amel is an experienced freelance writer, editor, and Arabic to English translator. She started the Muslim Writers Club as a means of sharing useful information about the art (and business) of writing.
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  1. As-salamu Alaykum,

    You did not provide much information in your post, so there is not much to go on other than your location. If you are looking for jobs that are specifically for people in India, we just posted one the other day – and I presume there are many more opportunities of this type.

    If you are a freelancer, however, there is no reason to limit yourself to jobs within your own country. On a personal level, I work with clients all over the world – including the United States, the UK, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Australia, the UAE, and Qatar. I have not ever felt restricted by my physical location. So long as you have a way to get paid, this is the enormous freedom that freelancing gives you.

    We list jobs for Muslim writers on this website, including freelance opportunities.

    Besides that, however, there is a whole world of freelance writing awaiting you. What are you knowledgeable about? What topics interest you?

    Whether it is healthcare, politics, education, the arts, science, or something else, you can find a business, organization, or publication to write for.

    There is also travel. Travel to India is something many people want to know about, and there is a big market out there for travel stories.

    Hope this helps a bit as you start your freelance journey.

    Amel – MWC Admin
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