Freelance Markets for Muslim Writers

Following is a list of magazines, newspapers, and websites of potential interest to Muslim writers. Some are “Islamic,” meaning they are religious publications primarily for Muslims, while others are secular and/or cultural publications which do not necessarily focus on religion but may cover issues of relevance to Muslims in some capacity. This is not an exact science, but we are doing our best to highlight new markets for our readers on a regular basis.

The markets listed below are known to be paying markets. More markets, including non-paying markets, are listed on this page.

Important: Listings are provided for informational purposes only, and the Muslim Writers Club does not recommend or endorse any particular publication. It is important to research a market thoroughly before submitting your articles.

If you are interested in writing for other types of markets, visit our sister site (Freelance Market Guides), where you will find a wide variety of opportunities organized by rate of pay and subject matter. All of the markets on that site pay a minimum of 10 cents per word.

Last Updated: February 4, 2018

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Al Jazeera English

Website (Qatar)

YES – See this link. GUIDELINES

Al Jumuah Magazine

Magazine (USA)


Alpha Southeast Asia

Magazine (Hong Kong)

YES – This publication covers Asian financial markets as well as Islamic finance markets in Southeast Asia. Contact Info.

American Muslim Magazine


YES – $100 for 700+ words, more for assigned stories (see this page for more information) INFORMATION

The Arab Daily News

On-line newspaper (USA)

This was a paying market, but reader feedback below indicates that this may no longer be the case. Contact the editor directly for more information. INFORMATION

The Arizona Muslim Voice

Newspaper (USA)



Website (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE)





Women’s magazine (USA)


Bismillah Babies

Website/Blog (UAE)

YES, according to this link. Contact Info.


Website (USA)


Call for essays about being Muslim in America


Convergence Stride

Website (UK)

YES – up to £15 GBP / $20 USD  per article. INFORMATION

Cult of Americana

Website (USA)


Dine Halal

Magazine (Canada)



(Click on “CAREERS.”)

Gaya Magazine

Fashion magazine (Singapore)

YES, according to reader feedback below. INFORMATION



YES – Starts at $10 per article. INFORMATION

Halal Consumer Magazine


YES, according to this link. Contact Info.

Halal Living SPC

Website (Bahrain)


Halal Media Japan

Website (Japan)

YES, with restrictions on location INFORMATION


Travel Website (Singapore)

YES – the application asks how you would like to be compensated INFORMATION


Magazine (Pakistan, UAE)

YES, with restrictions on location GUIDELINES


Website/Blog (Saudi Arabia)

YES, according to reader feedback below. Also see this page for more information. Contact Info.


Literary Journal (USA)


Informed Comment

Website (USA)

YES – Typically 10 cents per word GUIDELINES

Institute for Muslim Mental Health

Website/Blog (USA)

YES – Recent Ad lists budget of $200 per month for 2-4 articles of 500 words each INFORMATION

The Intellect Magazine

Magazine (Pakistan)

YES, according to reader feedback below. GUIDELINES


Website (USA)

YES – You may wish to consider pitching Islamic finance topics. INFORMATION


Global Affairs Website (Switzerland)


Islamic Horizons

Magazine (USA)

YES Contact Info.

The Islamic Monthly

Magazine (USA)

YES, according to this link. GUIDELINES


Website (USA)


The Message International

Magazine (USA)


Middle East Eye

Website (UK)

YES – At least 17 cents per word, according to this link. Contact Info.

Middle East Monitor

Website (UK)

YES – 20 cents per word, according to this link. There is no payment for unsolicited articles. GUIDELINES

The Milli Gazette

Newspaper (India)

YES – I assume so but have not confirmed this. Please leave a comment if you have worked with this publication. INFORMATION


Journal (USA)


E-commerce website (India)


Muslim Link

On-line newspaper (Canada)


The Muslim Link

Newspaper (USA)

YES Contact Info.

The Muslim Observer

Newspaper (USA)





Muslim Science

Website (Location not listed but may be in the UK)


Muslim Travel Girl


SOMETIMES, according to this link. Contact Info.

The Muslim Vibe

Website (UK)


YES, according to reader feedback. GUIDELINES
Muslimah Media Watch (USA) YES, according to this link. INFORMATION


Website/Blog (USA)

YES – Ad lists “possible compensation.” INFORMATION

The New Arab

News Website (UK)

YES – At least 10 cents per word, according to this link. Contact Info.

Blog (UK)

YES – Recent ad proposes $20 per post Contact Info.

Productive Muslim

Website (USA)

YES, according to a recent ad GUIDELINES

Inspirational Website (Singapore)


Saudi Aramco World

Magazine (USA)


SISTERS Magazine

Women’s magazine (UK)

YES, according to the guidelines, but reader feedback below indicates that this may no longer be the case. Contact the editor directly for more information. GUIDELINES (PDF)

Travel website (UAE)


The Tempest

Website (USA)


Understand the Quran Academy


SOMETIMES, according to reader feedback Contact Info.

Zilzar Life

Website (Malaysia)

YES, according to the guidelines, but reader feedback below indicates that this may no longer be the case. Contact the editor directly for more information.



Have you written for any of the publications listed above? Were you paid for your work? Please share your experiences so that others can benefit. Also, please leave a comment if you know of another magazine, newspaper, or website of interest to Muslim writers that we should add to the database.

*While we have done our best to be accurate regarding information about payment, note that some publications also work with volunteer writers. Payment is something you should discuss with the appropriate editor and agree about before submitting any work.

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  1. Mentioned you guys in the following post <3 along with personal experiences with each of the paying markets mentioned here (wanted to write it all here, but it would have taken up a HUGE space lol. Hence posted it as an article here:

    Also, you can add in your list: Muslim travel girl, the intellect magazine, IIPH etc. (all mentioned in the post linked above)

    jazakillah khair. You’re doing a great job girl! 🙂


    P.S. Arab daily news, zilzar life, sisters magazine are not paying markets anymore…

  2. Yes Amel that would be great in shaa Allah. BaarakAllahu lak ❤
    P.S. you’re most welcome to be a part of our “halal earning from home” series where we feature muslimah entrepreneurs who can help other muslimaat to earn from home as well ❤ so I envision something like: how to earn as an arabic translator or something like that 🙂 looking forward <3

  3. Salam alaykum,

    Jazakallah khayran for all this beneficial info.

    My experience:

    IIPH: Has been paying till now, but recently it’s stopped publishing in its blog. I don’t know about what they intend to do in future.

    Aaila doesn’t pay.


    Understand Quran Academy: They do pay, but they don’t publish articles as frequently as they used to.


    You can perhaps add, based in Bangladesh.

  4. Assalamu Aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu sister, I reverted to Islam 4 years ago and I’m Alhamdulillah a hijabi, but here in my country that’s Mexico, there are no muslims of like 1% of population, anyway, I’ve been fired 4 times in 4 months due to my believes, I haven’t been able to find a job my debts are increasing very much, inshaAllah you can help where to find a job as freelancer, I have experience in sales for 15 years i also know 2 languages, Spanish as native language and English as C1.3 inshaAllah if you can properly advice a page I have found a good one but not even able to afford to pay it’s services, please make dua for me and I’ll make dua for you too, InshaAllah. Tabaraka Allah for the help.

  5. As-salamu  Alaykum, Sister Mildred,

    This will be a quick reply due to time-constraints. I may go into more detail at a later date since these are issues of interest to many in the Muslim ummah.

    1. You may wish to investigate English to Spanish translation as a viable freelance profession. But translation involves more than just knowing two languages. You also need to be a skilled writer in your native language as well as deeply knowledgeable about one or more subjects in both languages, whether it is (for example) marketing, healthcare, deen, or something else.

    2. There may be legitimate paid services out there, including courses that help build your skills in some area, but you generally shouldn’t be paying people to get freelance jobs. There are enough free resources out there to keep you busy for a lifetime, and the unfortunate truth is that many paid services are scams that will not help you at all. So, do your homework and be cautious in that regard.

    Feel free to write back with more specific inquiries.

  6. Salam, there’s a publication based in Singapore called Gaya Magazine, but which has a worldwide audience. It’s a Muslimah fashion magazine. They pay for freelance writing, though not sure how much. Here’s the link:


  7. FYI – does not pay, and they require their bloggers to sign NDAs – I had a bad experience writing for them.

  8. As-salamu Alaykum, Everyone — and Ramadan Mubarak. It’s hard to believe that another year has passed.

    A reader recently left a comment regarding one of the publications on the above list, saying that the publication does not pay writers and also engages in plagiarism. I am hesitant to publish this comment since I do not have proof of these accusations. Also, I am in contact with one of the publication’s writers, who has assured me that she has been paid by this publication.

    As I have stated elsewhere on this site (not sure where at the moment), some publications work with a combination of volunteer and paid writers. Sometimes they will not mention payment unless you bring it up first – and some pay for “assigned” articles, but not for unsolicited material. There is a whole range of reasons why a publication may be simultaneously both paying and non-paying.

    I do not doubt this person’s experience at all, and I know this type of situation can be very frustrating for freelancers who are serious about making writing a profession. This is why I always stress the need to agree on payment before submitting articles or doing any work. If you have submitted an article to a website or publication without agreeing on payment, rights, and other issues, some publications will interpret this to mean that you have offered them your work for free — so please be aware of this before submitting your work. I don’t actually know what happened in this person’s case, but this is one common scenario that I thought I should mention here for people new to freelance writing.

    Regarding plagiarism, this is what the commenter said:

    In addition, they are sourcing and publishing articles from across the world wide web, without informing the writers or the editors of the website concerned. To avoid plagiarism charges, they just mention the source towards the end.

    If true, this is very disturbing and unethical. I would also note that mentioning the source at the end does NOT absolve one of plagiarism charges. It is NOT allowed to lift another writer’s work in this manner without obtaining the proper permissions from the rightful copyright holder, whether this is the writer or the publication in which the writer’s work was originally published. If you have been a victim of plagiarism, you should take the proper steps to have your work removed from the offending site or publication. This in itself is a major issue worthy of further discussion. I will, Insha’Allah, address the topics of copyright and plagiarism more in future posts.

    Amel – MWC Admin
    Muslim Writers Club recently posted…Ramadan Reminder: Words Are Important! Choose Yours WiselyMy Profile

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