WANTED: Sensitivity Reader for Children’s Book with Muslim Character

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Dear Readers: Author Jami Sinclair needs your help! Please read the following post as well as her questions about Islamic beliefs and practices.


Jami Sinclair


Sensitivity Reader for Middle Grade Kids’ Book


Hello, I’m currently looking for sensitivity readers for my middle grade spy adventure, written with 9-12 year olds in mind. I apologize that I am not currently able to pay for your time if you should decide to help.

I live on 30 acres in the middle of nowhere, and the closest town does not have a mosque or Muslim community that I can find. And Google searches only go so far. I am grateful for anyone who would be willing to read all OR parts of my kids’ book.

Note: The book’s main character is a twelve year old boy, and most of the plot revolves around him. But his best friend is a Muslim American girl, who is actually a spy helping a secret US agency take down a villain who wants to ban Muslims from America.

This is an adventure story, and the focus of the book is not on religion, but I want to make sure any portrayals of Islam are accurate.

Thank you so much for your consideration!



Unable to afford payment at this time.


Jami Sinclair

jtest15 [at] gmail [dot] com

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  1. As-salamu Alaykum, Sister Saba,

    I saw your other comments today but didn’t realize it was you for some reason until I clicked on your name to see your beautiful new website, masha’Allah. I love reading your work.

    I don’t know if Jami is monitoring comments on this specific post, so my suggestion would be to contact her directly at the e-mail address she has provided at the end of her post. She is still writing her book and would probably be open to multiple sensitivity readers.

    Please continue to visit and comment, Insha’Allah.

    Amel – MWC Admin

  2. It’s hard for me to say without having read the whole manuscript, but the premise of this book seems problematic. However good her intentions may be, a book with a villain who wants to ban Muslims is not something that I would want out there in the world for my Muslim children to read. And the fact that the story is told through the lens of the non-Muslim protagonist makes it worse. I do not trust someone who is not Muslim, and admits to not knowing any Muslims to tell this story with the sensitivity it would need, and honestly, I would prefer a story like this is not told at all, especially to children.

    • As-salamu Alaykum, Farah – and Ramadan Mubarak.

      Thank you for sharing these thoughts, which I am hopeful the author will take into consideration. I have thought about your comment often since you posted it.

      We are living in very difficult times. Bigotry against Muslims has always existed in America (I experienced it long before 9/11), and it has become much worse lately. I actually had a nightmare last night regarding the Portland killer, and I am sure that younger Muslims in particular are fearful regarding the future.

      The idea of banning Muslims from America is unfortunately not just fiction; it is a threat that we are actually confronting in reality, and a story like this can potentially trigger fears or worries that we weren’t even aware we had.

      I, too, have not read the manuscript but believe that this story is probably the author’s way of speaking against the current situation – to show that we cannot allow hatred and bigotry to prevail. I appreciate these sentiments as well as the author’s desire to connect with Muslims.

      Now that she has taken the initiative to reach out, it is up to us to share our genuine feelings regarding this story, and those who have agreed to be sensitivity readers need to be honest and forthright with their opinions. Maybe you will love the story, and that is fine, but if you find the plot makes you uncomfortable, please speak up as well. Keep in mind that you are not just reading for yourselves, but on the behalf of the children for whom the book is intended.

      Amel – MWC Admin
      Amel recently posted…Ramadan Youth Writing Prompt – Day 1: Your Goals for RamadanMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I appreciate your concerns and will definitely take them into consideration, as well as the thoughts of the sensitivity readers. The villain actually wants to rid America of all people he feels are a threat or inferior. Basically anyone different from himself, including those of Mexican heritage, blacks, disabled people, LGBT… While this info is included in the book, I focused on his distrust of all Muslims because it was so much in the forefront of my mind, given the current climate. Like many so people, I’m deeply troubled by even the idea of a proposed Muslim Ban. I guess including this in my book was the best way I knew to speak out. And engender hope and tolerance in kids. Thanks for voicing your concerns!

    • Hi:

      I wanted to let you know, I passed your concerns on to the sensitivity readers. I wasn’t sure if they would be checking on this thread, and I thought it was important that they thought about these things while they read the book.

      Best Regards — Jami Sinclair

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