WANTED: Muslim Sensitivity Readers for Scene in Fantasy Novel

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Dear Readers: Author Jessica Meats has reached out for help! Please read the following post and contact Jessica directly to offer your feedback.


Jessica Meats


Sensitivity Readers for Scene in Fantasy Novel


I have written a fantasy novel that is due to come out towards the end of the year. This book includes a Muslim character who at one point needs to make himself angry. He does this by talking about the prejudice he has experienced in his life (some minor, some more serious). Later in the scene, when he needs to calm down again, he uses a phrase from a prayer to help with this.

I am not Muslim. I want to make sure that this scene rings true and that it’s not accidentally offensive. I am looking for Muslim readers, ideally from the UK but not necessarily, to read this section of the book and give me their feedback on it. The scene in question is approximately 1500 words long.


Everyone who provides feedback will receive ebook copies of some of my previously published books. For those who are able to offer more detailed feedback, I can offer small monetary compensation (up to £50).



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